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expert advice: anastasia achilleos

Anastasia take a look at her skin. looks great, right?

and it should. she's the celebrity facialist behind OLAY. i recently had the chance to meet her and learn her three-step technique for the perfect 30-second facial. (and yes, her skin looks just as good in person!).

her technique for applying product is simple: tap, press, sweep. she used Olay's new Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum, but the technique itself works with whichever product you use.

tap: apply a bit of serum to the tips of your fingers and lightly tap the product from forehead to decolletage to distribute it across the face and chest.

press: stimulate bloodflow by applying pressure at the forehead, temples, cheekbones, jawline, chin, base of the neck, and the shoulders. do this by taking pressing with your ring, middle and index fingers, starting at the center of the forehead and sliding down to the temples, then sliding into the cheekbones and so on. press for three seconds at each hot spot.

sweep: apply a bit more product to the palm of your hand, rub together to create heat and begin to sweep the hands over the face, neck and across the chest to bring your mini-facial to an end.

this is such an easy technique to master to help stimulate bloodflow and increase oxygenation. every little bit helps!


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beauty before and after

Rms after a session with fresh.beautiful, i try to encourage my clients to go bare.

with their skin that is … since a session unveils a new bright layer of skin, i don't think a client should cover it up so soon with any beauty product or colour.

but let's be honest, sometimes, that just won't fly. a client may have to go back to work if they had a session during lunch; or maybe they experienced a bit of redness/flush and have to take the transit home; or let's face it, some would rather die than be seen without  makeup.

for any of the situations above, their are some options that are natural and clean and won't disrupt the results of the session.

if the creams and gels have the skin looking a little too dewy, dust on some mineral powder like bareEscentuals. the lightest dusting will absorb some of the shine.

if there is some redness from increased blood flow, then some Josie Maran Argan Concealer can be blended over any patches.

if a beauty junkie needs the full look from foundation to colour, she can use the items above, and then invest in some rms beauty products, such as the lip2cheek and cream eye shadow pots.

both bareEscentuals and Josie Maran, plus some other natural and/or organic brands (Korres for example) are available at Sephora.

rms beauty is sold mainly through the US, but fresh.beautiful does carry a small selection of the brand including the 'un' cover-up in 11 and 33, and the living luminizer – both very popular products as seen in InStyle magazine. check out the site at



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its about maintenance: consonant body starter kit

Consonant many clients wonder what the best way is to maintain their skin after treatment.

and that's a really good question. after all,  a microdermbrasion and cold laser light session, leaves the skin feeling smoother, softer and glowing. it's only natural to want to extend the life of the treatment, but also, to maintain the newer and brighter skin that's been revealed.

initially after treatment, its best to leave your skin alone for at least the day – that means no touching your face, no washing it, and no extra creams or powders.

but what should you do after the day has passed?

you invest in a good skincare routine.

i recommend that each client has in place an exceptional cleanser and moisturizer at the least. if possible, throw in a toner and an eye cream.

maybe you already have a routine you are dedicated to, but if you are in search of something new, then why not look to Canadian brand, Consonant Body.  Toronto based, this brands focuses on creating 100% natural product thatis as luxurious as it is healthy. No parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum ingredients, and no phthalates.

fresh.beautiful recommends their 30-Day Challenge Kit, which consists of Consonant's Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream, Firming Eye Cream, and Organic Foaming Face Wash, for daily use after and in between treatments. the end result is firmer, more youthful looking skin.

visit the Consonant Body website to learn more about their entire product line. book a session(s) with fresh.beautiful and receive a discount on any and all of your Consonant Body purchases.

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renew, preserve, nuture

you're probably wondering what type of services fresh.beautiful: the skin studio offers.

there are three simple packages: renew, preserve and nurture.

renew is a series of six treatments combining both crystal microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy to reveal cleaner, brighter and healthier looking skin. this package serves those with problematic and damaged skin best. after one treatment, you will notice a change in the texture and tone of the skin. by the sixth treatment, your skin will look renewed and refreshed. these six treatments should be scheduled at least 8 to 12 days apart for the best result.

preserve maintains the skin you have by treating it to regular crystal microdermabrasion therapy to slough away the surface layer and reveal a newer, brighter layer. this is the best option for those who just need a bit of maintenance and want to prolong the current state of the skin. crystal microdermabrasion therapy can be scheduled once every 6 to 8 weeks.

nurture serves to protect, hydrate, and replenish your skin with cold laser light therapy. using a selection of gels, the cold laser light works to heal the skin, allow for stimulation and the nourishment of cells. it is non-invasive and cannot burn the skin. many find it soothing and relaxing. cold laser light therapy can be scheduled once every 6 to 8 weeks; it is best used in addition to crystal microdermabrasion.

if you happen to be curious and what to learn more, why not book an appointment now under our special introductory promotion. book an appointment for a 45 minute introductory session for both crystal microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapy for just $95. appointments are available for Monday September 20 and 27, 2010.

to book, just email

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to botox or not to botox

in case you were thinking about botox injections, i wanted to share with you a little blurb from the book i am currently reading.

"Botox, approved for cosmetic use back in 1989, is the patented name of a product made of botulinum toxin. Considered to be the most toxic substance known to humankind, it got its name from the Latin word for sausage (you can't make this stuff up) because it showed up as a poison in mishandled meats, causing what became known as botulism – a rare and paralyzing illness that can lead to respiratory failure. Eventually, it was discovered that using tiny amounts of the stuff could inhibit localized muscle movement, which led first to its medical role – treating overactive muscles. Then, that opened the door to its cosmetic application."

now, botox is certainly an individual choice but it would be only the best choice for someone when the decision to inject oneself is a fully informed choice. while microdermabrasion and cold laser light therapies may not provide the same drastic results as botox injections, they can assist in prolonging your skin's current state so that injections are not necessary.

the above excerpt is from the book "No More Dirty Looks" by Siobhan O'Connor and Alexandra Spunt. it's full of details about moving towards products and routines that are more organic, natural and cleaner overall. i would suggest it to anyone thinking about greening and cleaning their skin routine.

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services and rates


forever fresh … (just an hour of your time)

reap the benefits of both crystal microdermabrasion and low level light therapy. refine the skin with crystal microbermabrasion; and then stimulate and rejuvenate with low level light therapy.
approximately 45 to 60 minutes per session
$125 per session

a series of six treatments combining both crystal microdermabrasion and low level light therapy to reveal healthier looking skin. suitable for those who are experiencing severe sun damage, hyper-pigmentation or over-processed skin.
approximately 45 to 60 minutes per session, 6 sessions scheduled 10 to 12 days apart
Series of six sessions: $600

beautiful in a beat … (treatments that require no more than 35 minutes) 

be fresh
refine and maintain the skin you have by treating it to regular crystal microdermabrasion treatments to slough away the superficial surface layer and reveal a newer, brighter and healthier one. softens and refines in one treatment.
approximately 20 to 30 minutes per session
$75 per session

be beautiful
hydrate and replenish your skin with regular low level light therapy treatments. this therapy uses red and/or blue light in tandem with our various gels and serums (such as anti-aging or anti acne, etc.)  to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate, rejuvenate and heal the complexion.
approximately 35 minutes per session
$75 per session

the man plan
you’ll be in and out swifter than 007. we’ll treat the skin with crystal microdermabrasion and follow it by massaging in a selection of moisturizers and creams to hydrate the skin.
approximately 20 to 30 minutes per session
$35 per session

private eyes
need an eyelift without the downtime form surgery? a little bit of crystal microdermabrasion around the eyes, followed with an eye-mask, followed by a round of low level light therapy. look rested. look lovely.
approximately 30 minutes per session
$55 per session 

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