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kerry washington: fish oil

Kerry in a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Kerry Washington, actress, stated that fish oil has changed her skin.

despite an allergy to seafood Washington, under the guidance of her nutritionist, incorporated omega-3 fatty acids into her diet (something it was lacking) by consuming fish oil capsules daily. how does it work?

fish oil capsules contain omega-3 which in turn contain the essential fatty acid, EPA, a key ingredient in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. studies have also shown that EPA can help reduce the damage caused by overexposure to the sun.

fish oil is also effective in reducing dry flaky skin (think dandruff) and inflammation of the body (it produces the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin).

if you rather eat and enjoy your omega-3, turn to oilier fishes like salmon, tuna or mackeral. you can also incorporate more DARK leafy greens like kale and spinach.

kerry's fish oil supplement of choice is Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplement. speak with the pharmacist at your local drugstore or staff at your local natural food store to make the proper choice for you.

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word of the week: facial


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word of the week: blackhead


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instead of that, try this: live clean non-petroleum jelly

Liveclean we all know that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly does its job … it heals chapped lips, softens ashy skin, and moisturizes all the little dry patches here and there. but in recent years, people are concerned about using some of the key ingredients – namely the petroleum (duh) -  in such an iconic staple and the good news is that you do have options.

what I am currently using is Live Clean's Non-Petroleum Jelly! it's completely petroleum free but provides all the same hydrating, healing, and moisturizing effects using plant based ingredients.  in addition, it has all the "frees" you are looking for: fragrance, preservative, paraben and pthalate free.  free free free free.

check out this quick reference page at Live Clean that lists all the good stuff they do use and all the bad stuff they do not use.

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* unfortunately, this contest limited to new mothers only; those expecting or newly pregnant are unable to participate as we do not recommend cold laser light therapy for pregnant women.

** we will customize treatments according to each participant's personal skin issues and concerns; this means that we may only recommend microdermabrasion or only cold laser light therapy and not necessarily both in tandem.

*** each participant must agree that fresh.beautiful: the skin studio can use their images online and in client marketing materials; they must also agree to submit a short paragraph after each treatment and complete a quick questionnaire after all three sessions have been completed.

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