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now that the promotion is a week behind us, i'm receiving tonnes of calls and emails from purchasers looking to make appointments (yay!). in addition to securing a day and time, they want to know … "what exactly is crystal microdermabrasion? and, most importantly, does it hurt?"

the short answer is no. it doesn't hurt. in fact, a fellow blogger told me that a fellow blogger told her that it felt like a kitten licking your face. and she agreed with that thought. now c'mon, what's cuter than a kitten licking your face? (dear bff, don't cringe, i know you hate cats … but some people do think cats and kittens are cute … including when they lick your face).

crystal microdermabrasion does stimulate blood flow and the oxygenation of the skin, as well as cell production. it also sloughs away dead skin layers – which may sound harsh – but it's meow is bigger than its bite. the combination of these benefits does result in a slight tingling sensation from underneath the skin, but nothing more than that. many clients experience very little redness and no trauma (e.g. scarring, peeling, etc) since the procedure itself is non-invasive and safe. even the redness itself subsides within hours of our preserve+nurture treatment.

so, there is no pain to fear with the preserve+nurture treatment. if you would like to know more, please email and have all your questions answered and your concerns taken care of.

looking foward to meeting you all!

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we’re on today!


 if you are curious to try our treatments or are just looking for a great deal (and who isn't?) then check out our promotion today on!

not only will you get a chance to experience one of our well-received treatments (read the raves from bloggers and tweeters from all over toronto) but you'll also get a really great deal!

the promotion is valid for our queen street west location. all you need to do is make purchase the deal and make an appointment.

looking forward to meeting you and don't forget to like our page on FACEBOOK!

UPDATE: thank you to all who have or are planning to purchase our deal. i also note many of you are trying to call and i am trying to get to and answer all calls and voicemails in a timely fashion. i promise you will hear from us soon! :)

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red light, blue light


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it’s july and we’re one month in!


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