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healthshelf: eat yourself young by elizabeth peyton jones



it’s not uncommon for me to be found reading a book or be interested in a book that links healthy eating to healthy skin. if you happen to be waiting around the studio for your skin treatment, you have your choice between the latest fashion mags and a stack of books about skin, eating for your skin, and taking care of your skin. i’m a bit of a geek that way.

i’ve recently come across the book Eat Yourself Young by Elizabeth Peyton Jones.  jones, a naturopath and a food and health expert, has developed a plan that focuses on minimizing the effects of ageing and producing a healthier you – imagine eating yourself to younger looking skin, glossier hair, brighter eyes, and stronger nails. pretty cool, right?

i’ve not completed the book just yet, but it is a very useful and easy to read guide. unlike other books that are pages of pages of text (which are great … but sometimes, its hard to revisit a tidbit of info you are looking for), jones advice is broken down into sections, kept short and sweet and to the point, and main points are emphasized with larger text and colour. excellent for something to be used as a vey quick reference.

i’m looking forward to reading more.  you can find this book at Chapters and Indigo AND you can also follow her blog at

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strawberries are not just for yoghurt parfaits … apparently …


i recently read in a magazine (sorry, i read so many this week that i can’t remember which one it was) that cutting a strawberry in half and holding it over any minor skin discolorations for a few minutes can help lighten the patch of discolored skin. the curious side of me took over and i had to google this one!

there are plenty of DIY beauty recipes that involves using strawberries in masks and as a natural beauty remedy. they are great for soothing sunburn, curing blemishes and whitening teeth. in addition, it can condition and tone the skin overall. how can this be?

it’s the salicylic acid naturally contained in the fruit! genius! an ingredient so common in many of our skincare ingredients found in such a small and delicious treat.

to reap the benefits of strawberries, you can try any of the DIY masks available out there – just google like i did.  to lazy to whip together a mask recipe but still have 15 minutes? then try the trick i mentioned above – cut a strawberry in half and rub over the face and discoloured area.  leave on the skin for 15 minutes, then rinse and moisturize – how easy!

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fresher skin in 2012


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welcome to 2012!


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