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inside the fresh.beautiful studio


i can’t believe that we’re slowly coming up on our one year anniversary at the studio … okay, it’s like 4 months away really, but still … it’s kind of awesome.

in the past almost year, plenty of clients have come and gone and come again (yay for repeat clientele). many are in agreeance that we have a cute boutique space that’s cozy and comfortable – just what we wanted! *fist pump*

to the outside eye though, you might be wondering what we do exactly in our small space.

well, if you have been following the blog long enough, you know that fresh.beautiful: the skin studio specializes in only two specific skin treatments – crystal microdermabrasion and low level light therapy. on their own or together, you can make an appointment to see us for any of these two services.

what you may not know is that the studio also houses fresh.beautiful’s sister company, BlushPretty: Makeup + Hair Artistry. BlushPretty is a full service makeup and hair team for special event and bridal ocassions.  we have brides and bridesmaids travel in and out of the studio weekly for trial runs, consultations and random makeup and hair applications.

BlushPretty also offers eyebrow grooming services (waxing, tweezing, trimming – you name it) and a plethora of retail products from some of Toronto’s best skincare and cosmetic brands.

Last but not least, BlushPretty and fresh.beautiful teamed up with Flirt Custom Lash in order to provide our bridal clientele with the best lash extensions from the best lash extension expert in the city, Sommer Dunsmuir. 100% certified and 110% glamourous, Sommer works out of our studio on Sundays, lashifying clients from 12 to 6 pm.

so as small as the studio is, we do big things! the next time you happen to be in the area, you should come check us out! visit us at 313 Queen St. West, Suite 204!

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layer by layer


i just came across a very helpful mini-article in the March 2012 issue of Women’s Health magazine that i wanted to share with all of you.

if you’re anything like me, or your fellow friends, colleagues and acquaintances, you more than likely have two or three products incorporated into your daily skincare routine.  that’s great – treating your skin well now will pay off double 30 years later.

but here’s the big question: what comes first?

according to Women’s Health its always best to go from thinnest to thickest. in addition, you want to wait a few minutes in between each layer to make sure your products are doing their jobs properly. here’s the order in which your products should be layered on:

1. liquids

2. gels and serums

3. moisturizers and face creams

4. eye and lip creams

5. sunscreen

it’s a really good tip, and now that you know – tell me – were you layering in the wrong order before?

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beauty on a budget


we believe that our skin treatments are worth every penny of the price we list them for.

but we also believe that great skin should be accessible to everyone. that’s why we have paired up with GROUPON to offer Groupon NOW! deals for our preserve treatment.

every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of February 2012, starting today, you can receive a 25-minute session of crystal microdermabrasion for just $40.  all you need to do is visit the GROUPON website, click the buy button, and then come in to get your on your way to brighter, softer, skin.

for Thursdays, we are offering four vouchers between the hours of 11am to 2:30 pm … and on Tuesdays, we are offering another four vouchers between 12pm and 7pm.

if you happened to miss today’s available vouchers, don’t worry, a new set of vouchers will be available next Tuesday … and then next Thursday … and then the Tuesday after that … and so on … and so forth.

i know, it’s confusing. but trust me, it’s a great deal.

to learn more about how Groupon NOW! works, or to buy a voucher, visit the Groupon website here.

here’s to beauty for everyone!

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