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olive oil isn’t only for cooking …


never in my life did i ever think that i would be using oils to cleanse and moisturize my skin. if i could only tell my teen self what i know now …

clients often give me the sideways glance when i say that they can try using simply everyday oils to care for the skin. it’s almost like i’ve pooh-poohed on their noticeable shiny t-zone … “oil on oily skin, lady?!?! i don’t think so …”

but there are plenty of benefits in using oils in raw form on the skin … its just a matter of finding the right one.

olive oil,  for example, can help maintains the skin’s elasticity and protect the skin from damage thanks to it’s anti-oxidant quality; jojoba creates a protective layer and has been said to break up sebum in clogged pores; and almond oil can soothe, condition and soften the skin.

this is just the tip of the iceberg for oils and their cosmetic benefits. there are many more out there that are great for the skin, it’s just a matter of thinking outside of the “lunch” box …

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use with caution: hydroquinone


here’s a quick piece of advice: when using hydroquinone, exact and minimal application is key. hydroquinone, especially in prescription form, is VERY effective at lightening dark spots, but it can also lighten normal skin with is as well which will result in never-ending uneven skintone.

use a small-tipped brush or Q-tip to apply to dark patches and spots to avoid over-application.


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lighten up this spring!


now that the weather is taking a turn for the better (hello, sunny skies!), plenty of my clients have turned their focus towards changing up their skincare and makeup routines to adapt to the change in climate.

my rule for spring and summer is to lighten up the load, however, this can mean something different to everyone. for example, by “lightening up” , I may switch to a lighter moisturizer for the season; whereas for someone else it may just mean using a thicker cream only at night.

others may switch their cleanser foregoing the creamy stuff they used to combat winter-dry skin and pick up something that’s a little more transparent or perhaps foaming.

and let’s not forget about makeup too. recently, over at, i spoke of some new items i hope to buy. one of my “must-haves” is a lightweight concealer/brightener. this spring, i plan to go easy on primer and foundation and conceal only as needed. you might change from darker shadows to lighter or nude colours, or maybe switch to lip gloss from lipstick.

whatever type of spring cleaning you are doing for your skin, here are some tips to try:

use cream colour: instead of using powder blush and powder shadows, try adding some colour to your face using cream, liquid or gel formulations. these are a little more sheer and allow your natural skin to shine through which instantly translates as dewy and healthy.

reassess how much coverage you actually need: it’s really easy to continue applying the same amount of layers you did throughout the winter to hide your pale skin, but now that there is a little more sun out there, you’ll get a little bit of colour naturally. why not try using a sheer concealer where needed instead of full-on foundation. Skip the setting powder and apply a bit of bronzer and blush to finish.

adjust your skincare routine: i didn’t say change, i said adjust. (if you’re skincare routine keeps you clear and hydrated, why change it?) maybe you don’t need to apply a heavy moisturizer both day and night. or maybe you can add an exfoliator to get rid of dry dead skin that has accumulated over the snowy season.

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pore over this …


little quick tidbit for you to chew on:

pores cannot open and close despite what you may read or what tips and tricks are shared with you about achieving clear poreless skin. hot water does not open the pores or make them expand; and cold water cannot close them up and make them shrink.

that said, a little bit of steam from your morning shower can help to soften and loosen built-up grime and oil that clog up your pores. this makes the shower the perfect time to use a bit of an exfoliating scrub or nubby washcloth to try and nudge some of that said built-up grime and oil out of the pores which, in turn, makes them appear smaller and less noticeable because they are cleaner …


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april showers brings promotional flowers!


it’s april! yay for april. warmer weather. longer days. beautiful skies.

and you know what else is great about april? it’s my birthday month. the month that i get to make all about me … spending the first half talking about how i’m going to celebrate my birthday and spending the latter half gushing about how awesome my birthday was.

do you know what they say about people born in april? they say we are generous. okay they don’t say that, but i am feeling generous. lucky for you

this month schedule a preserve+nurture treatment for just $45 plus HST or either or be fresh or be beautiful treatments for just $25 plus HST. take your pick!

so come celebrate my birthmonth with me and book your appointment today. just give us a call at 416.727.1754 or email us at

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