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overheard: train your skin, women’s health magazine, May 2012


i recently came across this little tidbit of expert advice in the may issue of Women’s Health:

See a Professional (Skin) Trainer

Microdermabrasion at the doctor’s office has been proven to increase cytokines in the skin, proteins involved in cell interactions, says Bank. ‘Microdermabrasion damages your skin, which sends a signal to cells that something has happened,’ he explains. This message kicks your skin’s metabolism into high gear: more cells communicate, get produced, and do their jobs. Start with weekly treatments for at least four weeks, then maintenance visits as needed.

you’re probably thinking, why is damaging my skin good?

well, as we age, our cells become sluggish.  they begin to take longer to communicate with one another and to do their “thang”, or to take action. if they aren’t functioning properly, then they don’t self-exfoliate,produce collagen, and repair damage as well as they could when they are working and communicating efficiently.

a little bit of microdermabrasion gives cells a reason to be on their toes! by forcing them to come in a repair damage, your cells get in the habit of communicating and functioning at their optimal best.

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hello may: thanks for coming!


may 2012 has arrived. whoo hoo …

sure it’s been a little cool, a little wet, and a little blah weather wise, but we are one step closer to the summer – can’t complain about that right? may also brings one of the best holidays ever: mothers day. (i’m a little biased because i AM a mother …)

to celebrate, we have a great promotion for moms, moms-to-be, women who just became moms, and women who want to be moms …

this month, our signature preserve+nurture session complete with an eye mask treatment, eyebrow grooming and a complimentary Cake Kiss Lip Butter is just $65 plus HST.

gift certificates are available for this package to give as a sweet mothers day gift. or perhaps, if you’re a Type A mom like myself, go ahead book an appointment for yourself! :)

call 416.727.1754 or email for an appointment, to request a gift certificate, or for further information.


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