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roses are red … and so is rosacea


if you suffer from rosacea, you may have been experiencing a flare up now that summer is in full effect. i know, it sucks. rosacea can take on many forms aside from just the persistent redness as some of you may have accompanying bumps or dilated blood vessels … sometimes both.

it’s more important than ever that you wear a liberal amount of sunscreen (that can actually be said of everyone, rosacea or not) but here are some other tips to help keep your flare-up from, well, … flaring up:

stay cool: easier said than done in a heat wave, i know, but this season bring down the temperature in everything you do. this means cooler showers, consuming cold water (as opposed to room temperature), and mist your face with some cooling thermal water whenever your face feels flushed. cold compresses can be your friend …

stay inside: or at least in the shade. you have to accept that extreme weather is NOT your friend so during peak hours on a hot day, you’ll want to stay either indoors or in a shaded area. if your lunchtime destination is a patio, that’s fine – but enjoy the patio life under a big umbrella.

stay neutral: variety is the spice of life, as they say. unfortunately, spicy food is a well-known trigger and so is alcohol. spicy food, alcohol and hot hot weather is NOT a great combination for you. when summerlife is filled with ribfests, pot-luck bbqs, and a cooler of beer it IS hard to resist. pick and choose carefully when to indulge in this combination of three.

stay fresh: switch up your product line. focus on cleaner and lighter products that are hypo-allergenic. heat, sweat, and more sweat make it easier for chemicals to be absorbed by the skin therefore causing irritation. hello flare-up. lighten up your load and choose the most natural products you can.


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