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beauty OFF duty: kathy chin of Vodka and Soda


“following the advice of my mom who is 64-yr old but has the skin of a 50-yr old (and looks like she’s 50), she’s always told me to take care of my skin to prevent looking old, so since the age of 16, i started to really take care of my skin and learned everything i could about my skintype (dry), what works best for it, and how to take care of dry skin.

because i have dry skin and eczema (blah!), i have to be really careful with what i use on my skin.  it’s not only topical but internal too so i make sure that i eat right and take my vitamins to boost my skin from the inside out.

externally, i try to use more natural products on my skin.  as we age, our hormones play a big role in our skin’s behaviour and all of the products i used to use no longer worked for me so i had to switch things up.  because of my dry skin, i only cleanse my face once a day.  in the morning, i just splash some warm water on it and i cleanse at night.  moisturizers and serums are my skin’s defense against the elements.  i NEED moisturizer daily and throughout every season.  i also have bouts of eczema flare-ups if i’m really stressed or the air is too dry.  i’ve discovered some fantastic products that work great for my sensitive, dry skin.

  • skin cleanser:  PM only, Shu Uemura cleansing oil premium (yellow bottle).  this is a fantastic and gentle way to remove all debris from the skin.  it contains an emulsifier which is activated with water and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy.  great for my dry skin that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight.
  • serum: AM and PM.  i’ve learned that my skin needs deeper hydration so before i apply anything on my face, i start out with a hydrating serum.  i use the collagen elastin plus by Pure + Simple.  it’s an all-natural serum that is light and very thin so it penetrates and absorbs in the skin quickly.  i give my skin about a minute to drink it all in.
  • argan oil:  AM and PM.  my ultimate secret weapon.  i stumbled upon this oil when i had a major skin freak-out and nothing soothed my skin but this.  i use aura cacia (USDA certified) organic argan oil that can be found for about $14 at healthy planet and is the ultimate skin soother and hydrator for those who suffer from dry skin (and/or eczema).  since i’ve started using argan oil, my skin arsenal has simplified greatly.  this is such a powerful and effective moisturizer that i’ve cut down from 5 skin products to three and i’m 100% positive that argan oil is the cause.  it’s also eliminated the eczema i used to get on my face (yuck) and i haven’t had a flare-up since i started using this.  not only has it eliminated my eczema but it’s also eliminated the fine lines around my eyes!  i leave this on my skin for about 5 mins to absorb fully before applying moisturizer.
  • moisturizer:  AM and PM.  i use Dermalogica age smart super rich repair.  i used to use all sorts of expensive creams on my skin until they suddenly stopped working for me and started irritating my skin.  i found dermalogica after some intense research and i like the fact that they’re perfume, preservative and additive free.
  • eye cream: AM and PM.  i use an all-natural eye cream since all other eye creams irritiated my eyes.  i use jurlique purely age-defying eye cream that has worked wonders for the skin around my eyes.
  • exfoliation:  i exfoliate once a week.  i had to stop using synthetic exfoliators you buy at the store because they started irritating my skin so now, i use one of my daughter’s baby wash clothes in the shower and gently rub it over my face.
  • diet: my diet plays a HUGE role in the behaviour of my skin.  i found when i was eating garbage food my skin suffered and i had more eczema flare-ups (not to mention horrible sleep which further exacerbates skin conditions).  since i overhauled my diet, cut out all the junk and only consume wholesome, fresh foods, my skin (in combination with my sleep and the use of argan oil) has changed completely.  i’ve also had to eliminate dairy as that is an eczema trigger for me.  i take fish oil supplements daily to boost hydration to my skin, a multi-vitamin (i need it for exercise purposes) and some other vitamins/minerals that i need for my workouts.  i take active X or new woman organics multi-vitamin and nutrasea omega 369, both found at healthy planet (when taking fish oils, you must take them consistently in order to see skin benefits).  since my diet overhaul nearly a year ago, my eczema is under control and i rarely get flare-ups now.  i also drink a lot of water, use a humidifier during the cold months during sleep and avoid hot showers.”

- straight from Kathy’s mouth
To hear all about Kathy’s beauty ON duty, click here.


Kathy Chin is an IT consultant by day and a wannabe fashionista and
skin expert by night.  She’s addicted to exercise, stella and dot
jewelry and blogging, not to mention purses and boots.  In addition, she
is married to the love of her life for 8 years and a mother to a
beautiful and hilarious 4 year old girl named kayla.  The blogosphere is
her second home and her blog is where she goes to escape and/or post
random things about life, her obsessions and the funny thoughts running
through her head.  She often uses colorful words so you’ve been warned.
Visit Kathy at her blog,  vodka and soda or follow her on Twitter!

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the cleanse: beautiful skincare with jen newell. nd


i’ve been vocal before about how everything affects your skin, most importantly, what you eat. there are superfoods that can do wonders to help reduce redness, improve acne, and provide relief from dry skin. and since everything has an opposite, there are also plenty of foods that can make your skin dull, dark, and blotchy.

but when trying to figure out a plan to get your diet and skin in harmony, where does a gal (or guy) start? well, that’s easy – with a cleanse!

i’ve gathered a bunch of ladies from the Toronto area – a young professional, a freelance artist, a bride to be, and a mom of a growing one year old – to work with our resident naturopath of choice, Jen Newell ND, and partake in her Blushing Bridal Cleanse (but of course, this cleanse can help anyone). the 3-week program will help to improve skin, reduce the bloat, help to shed weight, and most importantly to get them feeling their absolute best.

each participant has been asked to journal their entries weekly on their blog. check it out:

Toronto Beauty Reviews

The Glitter Geek


for more information, or if you are in the Toronto area and would like to do your own cleanse with Jen Newell, ND and fresh.beautiful: the skin studio, just give us a shout: 416.727.1754.


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