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for the brides: Lovestruck Expo 2013

H 13 01 18 LoveStruckExpo13 from Honey & Dear on Vimeo.

while we cannot be there to represent live and in-person,

we are very happy to announce that we are contributing to Lovestruck 2013.

stay connected to the Lovestruck Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and Website

as fresh.beautiful: the skin studio has donated some excellent prizes

both pre-event and on the day of the event itself.

thanks Lovestruck for letting us participate!

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march 2013: in to spring we come…


with march break around the corner, it’s really easy to see greener and warmer weather on its way. with more sun to enjoy as the days progress, we all start to lighten up, lift our spirits, and for most – we start a rejuvenation process.

naturally, we start to look at ourselves more – deciding on new fitness routines, cleaning up our eating habits and taking care of our skin and bodies. its fitting, since we plan to wear less layers and put more of ourselves on display. :)

plenty of you have been calling into the studio to get your complexion in shape! good for you and smart move. now that winter is over, it’s a really good idea to clean and slough away all the build-up, dry skin, and irritation cause from indoor heating, windburn and woolly, itchy scarves. aside from booking a preserve+nurture skincare treatment with us here at the studio, here are some other tips to help get your skin ready for spring 2013:

try dry brushing: it’s not just your complexion – its your body too! try introducing a dry-brush for the entire body into your pre-shower routine. exfoliate the entire body, from the toes up to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, get the blood flowing and to release toxins int he system.

add in a serum: a serum can provide deeper, more intense hydration than just a moisturizer alone. thinner than most moisturizer formulas, it penetrates deeper and does more active work to rev-up and repair the skin. apply before your moisturizer and makeup for the best effect and watch your skin glow from within. try Consonant Body’s HydraExtreme or Pure+simple Collagen Elastin Plus.

take less hot showers: i’m guilty of subjecting my hair and body to super hot – wait, SCALDING – showers in the colder months … not great for my skin. but as outdoor temps rise and indoor heating temps can come down, adjust the temp in the shower. a warm instead of hot shower not only saves you energy and money, but you will see a vast improvement in your hair and skin – your hair will be less frizzy and dry and same with your skin (though – skin cannot get frizzy anyway – but you know what i mean).

if you’re looking to start with your complexion … and you’re looking to start with us, we do have a great March 2013 promotion available that will take you right through to summer. enjoy six of our “be fresh” crystal microdermabrasion appointments for just $315 plus HST which is a saving of 30%. to book, just email or call!

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