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are you ready for september?

it’s tempting to want to glow like this, yes?

we are almost done with august and moving swiftly into september. where did the summer go?

if you happen to be a proper skincare enthusiast, i’m sure you didn’t let a day pass this temperamental summer without applying the proper amount of sunscreen and reapplying regularly throughout the day. yay you!

but for some, the up and down weather may have had you feeling a little bit lazy and nixing the SPF on the days that seemed a little dreary and cooler than your average hot summer day. why would you need SPF if the sun is barely out, right?


many clients come to the studio to see us about little spots and discolorations that they say just appeared overnight. they’ve been blindsided and don’t understand how it happened. “i wear SPF when i’m in the sun …” they say. but what about everyday? do you wear it EVERY day? 

and that’s when silence comes over the room.

this is just a friendly reminder that the damaging effects of the sun’s rays are never at rest. whether there is ten clouds in the sky or none, it’s still there giving you an amazing tan, but changing the scope of your skin as well, and not necessarily for the better. while hyperpigmentation can be addressed through various lightening products and treatments such as low level light therapy and other lasers, dark spots can take a while to disappear and may sometimes require several sessions of treatment. that’s a lot of time and money spent for something so easily avoidable. the most inexpensive way to combat sun spots and magic freckles is to apply your sunscreen daily. with so many options to choose from you can find one that is right for you.


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