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summer’s over …

i bet by now you are probably feeling a little bit depressed. its getting darker a little faster, cooler a little earlier, and summer life – as we know it – will be shelved away for the next ten months. womp womp.

and then there is the other reason for depression to set in … well, the kind that is relevant to my clients, that is. as the tans start to fade, plenty of my clientele are alarmed to see the inevitable result of too much sun – the sunspot. yikes!¬†what was masked all summer long under your tan is now beginning to surface. it’s not fading as quickly as your tan. it’s big. it’s small. its uneven. or … worse … there are several.

so how does one fight the sun spot?

if the sun spot is fairly fresh, you can try to treat it naturally with a lemon. yes. a lemon. it’s a quick $1 solution. simply slice a fresh lemon (a lime might work too!) and hold it directly over the spot for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. the acids in the lemon will act as a lightening+brightening agent for the skin.

you can also try a dose of vitamin e. while the big E is best known for treating scars, it can also assist in fading the sun spot gradually.

want to go a little bit stronger? then look for hydraquinone which has been used for ages to treat the skin and discoloration. but use sparingly and only directly on the spot – high amounts and frequent use have been linked to cancer.

and if you rather seek professional help, look into and research chemical peels. by removing thin layers of dead skin, it can refresh and brighten your appearance immediately. be forewarned though, chemical peels can lead to sensitivity and excessive redness. this options requires downtime for the skin to recover and heal.

want to discuss your summer skin issue and how fresh.beautiful can help you? not a problem – just give us a shout!


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