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hello new year …

happy new year everyone!

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and capped off 2013 on a good note, but now its time to focus on onward and upward movement. i, like many of you i’m sure, have my list of goals for 2014 ready. from home to finances to business to health i’m motivated (as we are all once the clock strikes midnight) but even more so am i motivated to stay on top of my goals. my new years resolution is to be dedicated to my resolutions.

i’ve read previously, that the best way to stick to your goals is to announce them – this makes you accountable for them. while my list could put you to sleep it’s so long, i wanted to share with you one of my health goals for 2014.

for 2014, i want to treat my body better. i know, that sounds like nothing new – i mean everyone wants to lose 10-15-20 pounds – but that’s not what I said my goal was.

my goal is to treat my body better. 

by treating my body better, i can improve upon so many things such as better digestion, glowing and radiant skin, shinier hair. i’ve undertaken to incorporate three habits every morning to help achieve this goal:

1. wake up each morning and drink a steaming cup of hot water with juice from 1/2 a lemon. doing so will aid digestion, cleanse the system, clears your skin and improves focus;

2. drink on 12 oz. tumbler of a detox tea daily. the jury is still out on whether detox teas work, but people do boast an improved immune system thanks to all the antioxidants found in a detox tea; and

3. get moving more. i’m adding some variety to my regular workout routine which only consists of yoga three times a week and walking the dog daily – nothing too strenuous. i’ve dusted off my kettebell and a couple of hand weights. i’m not going to push it – that’s how people fall out of love with their goals. instead, i plan to go slow and steady, aiming to do a basic strength routine 5 days of every week for a month before progresses to something a little more advanced.

so, i’ve shared with you and now its time for you to share your goals with me? feel free to leave a comment about your goals or, if you have any tips or tricks for me!

and while i have your attention, here’s a list of new year promotions we have available for your favourite treatments at the studio:

* three fresh+beautiful (formerly our preserve+nurture treatment) for just $325 plus HST (over a $100 savings). this is the perfect option for those who prefer to come once a season;

* our renew package (six fresh+beautiful treatments) for $650 plus HST. if you’re looking to treat and maintain your skin’s appearance, this package takes you through the year by scheduling your treatments every 8 weeks apart ; or

* twelve fresh+beautiful treatments for $1100 plus HST. if you plan to pamper your skin in 2014 this promotion is the way to go by enjoying a treatment every four weeks a part. save yourself $200!

these promotions are available until January 25, 2014. call 416.727.1754 or email us at to purchase your treatments today!


- stephanie -


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