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complexion perfection goals : what’s your skin type? (part 1)

pssst! guess what – do you know that most women who think they know how to treat their skin type properly, actually don’t? it’s true – i kid you not. so let’s change that! now, i know new year resolutions are supposed to be a little more reflective than “i should change my cleanser” … but, the new year is a great reason to start being fresh.beautiful

there are normally three major skin types that we see come through the studio :

- acne prone (most common!);
- rosacea (most commonly mis-diagnosed … or self-diagnosed); and
- allergy prone (itchiness, hives, blotchiness).

today, let’s focus on the acne prone¬†complexion and how we can treat it more effectively and properly for a complexion perfection 2015.

acne prone skin comes in all sorts – from those who see one or two spots (think whiteheads) that pop up in new places each week, to those with congested areas that take forever to clear up (tiny bumps or clusters of blackheads).

when it comes to acne, many of our clients think that exfoliating will rupture or aggravate the situation and avoid it all together … but the opposite is actually true. exfoliating regularly helps to remove pore clogging dead skin cells and breaks up congestion.

and let’s chat about salicylic acid – also very important to clearing the pores. it’s tempting to hit your skin with something strong just to get rid of the problem ¬†(we’ve all been there and made our skin a dry flaky mess) but the truth is most complexions only need 1%. That’s all it takes to clear away the dead skin.

and spot treating? it’s a must! something needs to fight off and kill that acne inducing bacteria. cleansing only prevents the situation from getting worse but it won’t clear up an ongoing problem on its own. for single blemishes spread throughout the complexion – white heads for example – applying a spot treatment directly to the offending spot(s) is all you need to do … don’t go overboard. if you’re fighting congestion – then grab an allover product to address the entire area.

last but not least – don’t get lazy! yes, exfoliating can be regulated to 2-3 times per week, depending on the product, but cleansing and treating? twice daily with no regrets! bacteria can grow and return quickly – don’t give it a chance to sneak up on you!

there you go : treating acne a whole new way for 2015. have you been doing it right? or can you admit that you may have been wrong? we would love to hear from you so comment away!


p.s. stay tuned to part 2 when we tackle rosacea!

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