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hey steph, it’s spring … what’s up with my skin?

you know, i really thought by now that we would be seeing some more positive temperatures in the city, but that is sooooo not the case. we’re still experiencing below zero temps with some serious windchill, and i cannot even begin to tell you how many of my skincare clients are so confused by their skin. clearly, the environment and the elements, along with our dietary and skincare regimen, all have a hand in what our skin looks and feels like as we change seasons, but what’s a girl to do when the weather is having a serious identity crisis? how does she keep her complexion in check?

well, as they say – your best offence is a strong DEFENCE.

a lot of my clientele often react to their skin issues instead of trying to address them head on before they become a true issue. often, they will get a breakout and then decide to do something about it, when in reality, treating your skin to prevent breakouts is probably the better way to go. instead of buying products to treat a pimple and acne scar that has already made itself a home, let’s prevent them from moving in. and same goes for dry skin. don’t let your skin get rough and dry … stop it from happening.

april is right around the corner, like two days away, and  you are probably in the midst of spring-a-fying your wardrobe, your home, and your makeup kit; so let me help you with your bathroom vanity!

- cleanser check : is it time for a new cleanser? after a long dull winter, you will want to start brightening up and refreshing dull dry skin, so look for a cleanser that is gentle on the skin but still deeps cleans. with so many types from foaming to gel to cream, look for the formula that cleans and brightens, but doesn’t leave your skin tight and dry after washing. if you’re skin feels clean and fresh after your rinse and pat down, plus keeps your complexion clear – you’re on the right path.

- its time to exfoliate : for real now …  everyone knows they should, everyone knows its easy, but for some reason they don’t do it but it truly is a good thing for the skin to indulge in an exfoliating wash once or twice a week. there are so many options right now : washes with microbeads, konjac sponges, and my personal favourite, a bit of brown sugar mixed into your regular cleanser. once or twice a week is all you need to help clear up congestion, remove dead skin, and clear out pores. just keep a jar of brown sugar on your vanity. a pinch or two rubbed in with your cleanser makes a huge difference.

- hydrate and repair : even if you think you’re oily it doesn’t mean you skip this step. even the oiliest of skin should still indulge in some moisturizing – its a matter of finding the right ROUTINE and product that works for you. for dry skin, a heavier moisturizer twice a day would be the trick, with maybe a more dense cream at night is your holy grail. and for normal skin, twice a day with the same moisturizer might be your jam. and if your oily? opt for a lightweight moisturizer once a day – perhaps in the evening while your skin starts the repair process.

- the quick fix : a friend came for a visit! if you’re prone to the occasional breakout, you don’t necessarily need an everyday acne treatment, perhaps you just need a spot treatment readily available in your arsenal. natural solutions like witch hazel or tea tree oil are good to have on hand, but if your breakouts tend to be more painful or persistent, find your
go-to treatment or perhaps something more clinical and dermatologist recommended is required. the minute you feel or see that “friend” coming, defend your skin an apply your treatment where required. the trick to not wreaking havoc on your skin : treat the area for the problem NOT the whole face.

- r&r required : masks are the … you know on Sunday night, when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and TOTALLY creeping on that girl you knew in high school who always looked awesome and has incredible style? okay, well that’s a time suck UNLESS you are multi-tasking and wearing a face mask for the whole 15-20 minutes of creeping. whether you are enjoying a clay mask, a sheet mask, or even those ones that just repair and lift under the eyes, its a great way to give yourself a treat and refresh/repair before the start of a new week. sheet masks are inexpensive and honestly, fun. keep a few on hand … and totally Instagram that you are doing it!

- to serve and protect : age is nothing but a number … BUT it does show up on your face. age spots, wrinkles, fine lines – the number one reason i have clients lined up to see me for cold laser therapy is to correct and repair all three of those skin issues. remember, your best offence, is a strong defence. complete your vanity with a sun protection cream of your choice. SPF30 is all you need but if you’re a keener, 45, 50, 75 – whatever your heart desires.

now here’s the kicker of a disclaimer : if your skin is already on point with no complaints – then ignore what I’m saying above. keep your routine as is with the products as is, and keep it simple.  BUT if you think you’ve been slagging and needed a kick in the right direction – find 6 products that work for you based on the above. stick with it for two weeks, and see how your skin improves. when incorporating any new product, remember to introduce one new product at a time, 2-3 days apart to make sure you have no allergic reactions. lastly if you love one or two products that you already have, keep them, and find new options for the others. same rules for introducing new products (as above) to the routine apply.

happy spring y’all!


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