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summer’s here … get skin sexy!

as I write this, I’m sitting on the porch soaking in the nice weather and the cool breeze. while summer in Toronto has been off to a slow start, it sure has arrived today. i’ve got the kids slathered in sunscreen (and bug spray!) and my broad-rimmed hat game is no joke!

a quick glimpse into my life at home …
the patio and a cold drink!
(and no shoes …)

before I let you know what are summer promotions are at the studio, i wanted to give a quick PSA and reminder on what you should be carrying in your tote bags this summer to fight off sun damage and keep your skin looking top-notch.

sunscreen (duh …) : whether you are willing to lug around your full size bottle with you everywhere you go or choose a portable stick option (so convenient), the key to having fun this summer without looking like you enjoyed summer too much come fall (hello sun damage!) is applying it first thing before you go out and reapplying throughout the day. my suggestion is once more at lunch when you’re out for your stroll to your favourite eatery and again after work on your commute home.

a lip balm with SPF : your lips are super delicate and super sensitive to the sun and they need protection too. if your current lip balm doesn’t have SPF, switch it up and find something that does. there are plenty of options and you can treat yourself to a standard clear one, or something with a bit of tint for easy summer beauty.

a kick-butt nightime skincare routine : every night you need to let your skin repair itself, and you know what, a little bit of help doesn’t hurt. obviously, every good routine starts with a proper cleanse, but make sure you arm yourself with some other key items as well, like a face oil to moisturize, a ┬ábeauty balm to soothe and heal, or a serum to repair and rejuvenate.

these are just three simple suggestions to keeping your skin sexy all summer. but if that still isn’t enough, we can help too. check out our summer 2015 promos :

Summer Fling : book an appointment during the months of july or august 2015 for $99 plus HST. get our signature fresh+beautiful treatment (microdermabrasion and low level light therapy) for a steal!

All Summer Long : get three treatments scheduled one month apart for $280 plus HST. take care of your complexion all summer long.

Summer Loving : six treatments to keep you sexy through summer, and looking great through fall. schedule each treatment one month apart until the end of the year! just $550 plus HST.

book your appointment or pick up a package today. just email us at or call us : 416.727.1754.

happy summer everyone!


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