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happy holidays from your friends at fresh.beautiful!

Hey Hey! The holidays have officially arrived. 

We’re sure each of you are about to be … or perhaps have already been …  bombarded with the onslaught of greeting cards, a growing shopping list (and shrinking budget), and a slew of cocktail party invites. It’s exciting … but tiring … all at the same time.

So, before things get a little toooooooooo cocktail chaotic, we wanted to provide a friendly PSA … a reminder if you will … about how to keep your skin glowing throughout every single date, party, and family feast in your calendar.

  • Keep your skin hydrated – both inside and out! Drink plenty of water throughout the day and night, whether you are staying in or going out until the following morning. Keep your face cream handy morning and night. And don’t be afraid to use something creamier in the nighttime when you skin goes into repair mode.
  • Curb your alcohol and sugar intake. Yes, we know, easier said than done. We’re not saying don’t drink and don’t have the glittery holiday cupcake … but rather, enjoy in moderation. You will be (absent-mindedly) indulging in quite a few holiday treats (from a glass of eggnog when trimming the tree to a slice of office fruitcake sent over by a client) and bigger meals over the next 31 days leading up to the new year. Your diet will already be naturally out of whack causing your body and hormones to go a tad cray-cray.  Throw in a few glasses of champagne and  the dessert bar at the holiday work party and every other party you attend … and your skin won’t know what hit it!
  • Maintain your workouts (or exercise more). Whatever you do consume over the next four weeks try and negate it as best you can – work up a sweat and!
  • Buy yourself a big bag of makeup wipes. We aren’t going to scold you about washing off your makeup before you faceplant into your bed at the end of your annual holiday family reunion with your “we can hold our freaking liquor!” cousins. We know it can be tough to maintain washing your face nightly when your “night” is actually the sun slowly rising. Keep the pack beside your bed and wipe away as much as you can on the days your face won’t make it to the sink. Your arms may even be too tired to do this, but think of it as exercise for the biceps and abiding by rule #3 above.  
Ta-da! While we believe the best thing for your skin is a solid skincare routine and a proper diet, we know that your routine also has to be flexible.  31 days of fun won’t kill your skin, but there are ways to make it “hurt” just a little less. :)
We’re wishing everyone a safe holiday season in 2015. Don’t forget to book your holiday session with the fresh.beautiful team – a crystal microdermabrasion might be just want you need to get your holiday season started just right! 


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