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mad for masks …

i think that one of the most underrated steps you can do for your complexion is indulge in a skincare mask, whether its weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. a really great mask, targeted for your skin type and issues, can be a super beneficial addition to your already kick-butt skincare routine. it’s like finding that 11th Tim Horton’s timbit when you only ordered a box of 10!

one of the main benefits of a mask is that it infuses hydration and moisture into the skin almost instantly. in addition, masks can help to purge the pores, reduce inflammation or puffiness, and even out or brighten the skintone.

with a rise in popularity in the market, masks come in all “shapes and sizes” so to speak. here are the 3 most popular ways to incorporate masks into your skincare routine:

the D.I.Y. skincare mask : yogurt, honey, avocado and tumeric … yes, it does sound like a new mash to spread over your toast, but it isn’t. they are actually common ingredients that can be incorporated into an all-natural, whip it up in your blender, made at home skincare mask. much like how ingesting such ingredients can provide benefits to your inside, applying them topically to the outside can work magic as well. yogurt, for example, contains lactic acid, which can help to dissolve dead skin cells; and tumeric, reduces inflammation and redness while promoting the skin to heal itself. the great thing about D.I.Y. masks is that you can find tonnes of recipes all over the Internet and mix them up according to what your skin needs at that specific moment. plus many start with your basic pantry staples, and they are so inexpensive to whip up! the one con : it can get a little messy, but that’s half the fun!

the clay mask : clay, whether in skincare or makeup, is everywhere! best for oily or acne prone complexions, clays apply creamy and wet, but then starts to dry up as time passes. from it’s damp stage to its drying stage to its hardened stage, a clay mask is always at work. its main job is to clarify the skin, by soaking up grease and eliminating traces of dirt. there are many types of clays, and colours, used in a variety of brands and masks – so read your labels and do your research, find out which clay works best for you! bentonite clay can be found in most acne fighting masks; whereas french green clay will be present in exfoliating  masks. here’s a bonus tip though : never let your clay mask dry to a hardened shell or flaky mess. once hardened, a clay mask can start to soak up much needed moisture in the skin. once that moisture is gone, your skin is left tight, dry and slightly irritated!

the sheet mask : sheet masks can be seen everywhere in selfies all over Instagram, and they are the newest wave in lazy girl facials. sheet masks don’t provide the same benefits as wet-to-dry clay mask do, but they certainly tout their own much needed superpowers given that sheets are packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. the complexion is automatically hit with a boost of hydration for 10-to-15 minutes while the serum-infused cotton sheet sits over your skin. these masks do look a bit silly and may need a bit of patience when applying to the face (tip : start at the forehead and fit the cutouts over the eyes first, then roll down and adjust into place!), but they are super convenient, and the clean-up and aftercare is minimal. after sitting with your sheet, simply remove and massage in any excess serum into the skin. voila! sheet masks are the answer to a great glow!

we know, we know. we just hit you with some beauty gold that you are dying to try out. if you want to learn more about how to incorporate masks into your skincare routine, we got you! join us for our upcoming Workshop on Sheet Masks and 5-minute summer beauty this June 22, 2016 at our Toronto studio. we’ll help you choose the right mask for your skin type and lifestyle, while giving you a few tips and tricks on how to play up your new glow with the right makeup! for more details check out our Eventbrite page and register soon – spaces are limited!



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