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15 days to better skin : discover face oils …

I’m hoping by now your skin is taking top priority in your daily rituals, morning and night; that you’re beginning to reap the benefits, and you want to keep it up. If so, I’m ready to share with you the tip I recommend to all my clientele, regardless of their skin type.

Day 12 : January 12

Embrace face oils.

I have a lot of clients that I recommend this to look at me in shock and concerned that using face oil will just promote ongoing oily skin … but many experts will tell you the exact opposite is true … and so will plenty of my clients.

Whether you apply face oil directly to the skin as is, or add a few drops to your existing moisturizer, face oils can help to regulate oil production and hydrate at the same time. They can also be used to remove makeup and cleanse the skin before you wash, which is much more gentle than stripping away your makeup with a remover or soap based cleanser.

There are some great brands available with a range of face oils to combat skin issues such as acne or rosacea, while others can aid in the fight against aging. You can also check out the health food aisle or a nearby health and nutrition store for natural and organic versions. And the best face oil DIY … well for me, it’s organic coconut oil straight out of the jar.

If you’re still unsure about applying oil directly to the skin, start off small with adding just a drop to your moisturizer or night cream. You’ll still notice results, and eventually become more comfortable with using face oil on its own and directly to the skin.

And that’s when the magic happens …

TIP : Get comfortable with it. Start with a simple face oil before moving on to face oils that help to combat certain skin issues.

HOMEWORK : TRack your progress with face oils. Whip out the camera, and track the changes in your skin after a week of using face oils.

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15 days to better skin : book a facial …

Experts say that a the best way to reach a goal is to set small goals and reward yourself each time you reach that goal. Well, I’ve given you a 15-day guide to follow and you’re at 10 day. And I know you are good for five more, so today, I want you to set your reward for the end of this 15 days … and enjoy it.

Day 10 : January 10

Book a facial.

Whether you book just a facial or a full day at the spa, that’s up to you … but just make sure it includes a bit of pampering for your new skin. It could be a simple facial with extractions or a full on treatment complete with a peel but do your research and only book in for what you’re truly comfortable with.  This includes budget and time wise too.

Again, the key here is that it’s a reward. So treat it like one. The only stipulation is you make your appointment for 6 days from now – AFTER you complete your 15 day guide.

Go ahead – make that call!

TIP : If you don’t go for a facial regularly, ask friends who do for recommendations. Right down to the package they buy and the skin specialist they see.  You can’t go wrong with great recommendations.

HOMEWORK : Mark your appointment day in the calendar, and get motivated to finish up the 15-day guide to better skin.

BONUS : Want to book a skin treatment with us? Well, just give us a call and mention this guide, and book in our 75-minute session for just $99 plus HST!

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15 days to better skin : behold the future …

We’re just at the very beginning of the rest of your future, so let’s begin to make the right changes that will make sure your future is flawless …

Day 9 : January 9

Assemble your anti-aging team of product superheroes.

By now, you’re in the habit of cleansing and moisturizing everyday and night, plus you know to exfoliate and mask once, if not twice, weekly. These are the key steps to ensuring healthy skin for the rest of 2017. But now, let’s make a habit of treating and preparing your skin for 2017 and beyond … to like 2027 … or 2037.

Remember your notes from Day 1.  Let’s reflect back to them. Do you see more fine lines than you care to see? Some dark spots perhaps? Or are you okay … and want to stay okay for as long as possible? Whatever you glean and conclude from your notes, keep those points at the forefront of your mind as we plan your next shopping trip.

Over the next few paychecks, I want you to make both a budget and product plan to pick-up at least 2, if not all 3, of the following items :

  • Retinol
  • Serum
  • Eye and/or lip cream

A retinol based product can assist you with fading dark spots and stimulating the growth of new skin cells; this is key because as you age, your skin doesn’t produce new cells as efficiently to help repair and keep away the signs of aging. There are plenty of retinol based products on the market, or if you have severe skin issues, you can speak with a dermatologist about something on prescription-strength level.

Serums are available to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin – you can target specific skin issues directly such as wrinkles, acne, or improving skintone and texture. A serum is more lightweight than your moisturizer, so you apply it after your cleanse, let it sit, and then you moisturizer.

An eye and/or lip cream treats the most delicate skin on your face. The area around your eyes and lips is more fragile, prone to dryness, and … quickest to show signs of aging. Eye and lip creams are both soothing to the skin and create a smoothing effect for the fine lines that appear around these areas.

Picking up these three products and adding them to your routine creates a powerhouse of protection against the future.

Happy shopping!

TIP : Your skin is YOUR skin. Research is everything. So remember to do your Google searches and read your reviews.

HOMEWORK : Shop around and don’t just buy the first eye cream you see. Remember to reflect back on your skin notes, and choose something that addresses any of your concerns.

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15 days to better skin : grab some nuts …

We’re just motoring through our 15 days here, aren’t we? As you can probably tell, beautifying the complexion incorporates so much more than just a great cleanser and face oil; and that’s why today, we’re focusing on how to fuel your body for a healthy glow.

Day 6 : January 6

There are plenty of dietary changes that can help alleviate and regulate any skin issues that might arise. For example, you may hear a lot about cutting out dairy or soy, or both dairy and soy all together. And of course there is also tonnes of info out there about eating more veggies, or consuming nothing about superfoods. Since you’re probably already watching what you eat to get bikini body ready in 6 months, I’m going to avoid any further nagging and chat at you about two snacks you can add to your diet without disrupting your current weight-loss plans.


These two nuts are right up there with the “easiest snacks ever” that you can bag up and stick in your purse for on the go noshing. No prep. No mess. Eat straight from your tiny tupperware container.

Almonds, which are high in Zinc can help aid in the healing of wounds, skin rashes and exzema. Walnuts can also help prevent or calm down breakouts, but because of their Omega-3 fatty acid content they can keep you looking younger a little bit longer.

Incorporating both buts into your routine takes a simple trip to a bulk food store, and some prep in advance.

Crunch on.

TIP : If almonds or walnuts on their own don’t seem appealing to you, try adding them to a tasty salad for some added texture. If you’re not dieting, crush some walnuts on top of a delicious brownie, bowl of ice cream, or piece of chocolate cake!

HOMEWORK : Do your research on supplements for both Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids. If you can’t adopt a routine of eating almonds or walnuts, and aren’t sure if your current diet incorporates enough of either nutrient, a supplement can help to top you up! Do speak with your GP first if you have any concerns about additional supplements.

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the better skin guide : stress less

Perhaps one of your new year’s resolutions is to be more active and live healthier, but if it isn’t, here is a good reason to jump on that train sooner rather than later.

Day 4 : January 4

Alright. So you know that exercise does a multitude of wonders for you physically – beach body ready all year round, yes? Well, the other great thing about exercise is it helps you to decrease the amount of stress you carry with you day in, day out. And what does stress do to you? It makes you tense. And anxious. And worrisome. All three things together unfortunately start showing up on your face.

It could be wrinkles. It could be hormonal acne. It could be frown lines … *gasp*.

Aiming to get a little exercise and destress on the daily helps your complexion internally – better circulation, flushing out toxins, frowning less, etc.  Paired with your new game plan for better skin care habits on the surface (did you pick out some new cleansers and moisturizers yet?), you’re working from the inside and the outside for a one-two punch.

Getting started on moving a little bit more and stressing a whole lot less doesn’t mean signing up at a gym pronto with all the new resolutioners. No no. Instead try one of this tips :

  • Start and end each day with a series of sun salutations. This standard yoga series allows you to get the blood pumping while focusing on breathing, movement and stretching out the body. In the morning, it gets you going and limber; in the evening it slows you down by focusing on breathing.
  • 10-minute walks, three times a day are all you need to feel a little less hectic. Once in the morning, once at lunch and once in the evening – you barely notice you’re getting some movement in.The goal to making these walks count is to be present in them. Your rushed walks from Go Train to the office doesn’t count – that’s more stressful than actually working. Your 10-minute walks should be opportunities to take in the scenery around you, to breathe, and focus on you … not where you’re going and what you have to do next.
  • Got 7 minutes? There are plenty of 7-minute excercise apps that can guide you through a quick workout sans gym. Filled with familiar and easy to follow excercises, you’ll get your blood pumping before you know it. Added bonus : you can do this several times a day to meet the  standard 30 minute move goal.

Alright! Hop to it … literally

TIP : If you’re already a gym rat, consider adding more mindful practices to your gym routine, like a yoga class or even a meditation class. If you’re riding the couch … it’s all good … let’s take it one day at a time. Start small, but aim big … begin with just a goal to move and destress 10 minutes a day. Work your way up from there!

HOMEWORK : Set a workout goal. I’m not talking about losing this many inches or that many pounds. No no. More like … if you do sun salutations for 7 days,  you can reward yourself with {insert instant gratification reward here}. If you walk 3 times a day for 5 days … on the 6th day, you can walk right up to the ice cream store.  See what I mean?

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complexion perfection goals : what’s your skin type? (part 1)

pssst! guess what – do you know that most women who think they know how to treat their skin type properly, actually don’t? it’s true – i kid you not. so let’s change that! now, i know new year resolutions are supposed to be a little more reflective than “i should change my cleanser” … but, the new year is a great reason to start being fresh.beautiful

there are normally three major skin types that we see come through the studio :

- acne prone (most common!);
- rosacea (most commonly mis-diagnosed … or self-diagnosed); and
- allergy prone (itchiness, hives, blotchiness).

today, let’s focus on the acne prone complexion and how we can treat it more effectively and properly for a complexion perfection 2015.

acne prone skin comes in all sorts – from those who see one or two spots (think whiteheads) that pop up in new places each week, to those with congested areas that take forever to clear up (tiny bumps or clusters of blackheads).

when it comes to acne, many of our clients think that exfoliating will rupture or aggravate the situation and avoid it all together … but the opposite is actually true. exfoliating regularly helps to remove pore clogging dead skin cells and breaks up congestion.

and let’s chat about salicylic acid – also very important to clearing the pores. it’s tempting to hit your skin with something strong just to get rid of the problem  (we’ve all been there and made our skin a dry flaky mess) but the truth is most complexions only need 1%. That’s all it takes to clear away the dead skin.

and spot treating? it’s a must! something needs to fight off and kill that acne inducing bacteria. cleansing only prevents the situation from getting worse but it won’t clear up an ongoing problem on its own. for single blemishes spread throughout the complexion – white heads for example – applying a spot treatment directly to the offending spot(s) is all you need to do … don’t go overboard. if you’re fighting congestion – then grab an allover product to address the entire area.

last but not least – don’t get lazy! yes, exfoliating can be regulated to 2-3 times per week, depending on the product, but cleansing and treating? twice daily with no regrets! bacteria can grow and return quickly – don’t give it a chance to sneak up on you!

there you go : treating acne a whole new way for 2015. have you been doing it right? or can you admit that you may have been wrong? we would love to hear from you so comment away!


p.s. stay tuned to part 2 when we tackle rosacea!

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