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getting married? this prep trick will ensure flawless makeup!

In the hustle and bustle of getting married, it’s easy for a bride to put her beauty needs on the back burner as she nears the wedding date! Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and lots of additional stress combined can create a complexion nightmare come the walk down the aisle and that’s why the common advice for brides is to sleep more, drink more water or eat well, and to delegate wedding day tasks! But there is one piece of advice that brides rarely get that is really important to bridal beauty :


While its always a good thing that a bride maintains a steady cleanse and moisturize routine throughout, it isn’t enough to provide an even, smooth “canvas” for your bridal makeup. Exfoliating at least once weekly can resurface the skin in a really good way by removing dead skin cells and dry patches, revealing a brighter and more even complexion. The more even the texture, the easier your foundation, blush and setting powders glide over the skin for a more polish and blended appearance. Almost like you were photoshopped brushed!

Exfoliating regularly is also important if you want that fresh, dewy makeup glow. If your skin is dull, dry or patchy your makeup artist will need to use plenty of product from corrector to powder to mimic the look which in the end won’t feel dewy or fresh at all. Basically, think of it this way : the less imperfections or blemishes you have the less makeup your artist will need to apply letting more of you shine through!

There are plenty of DIY recipes on the good old Internet for you to try and it can be as simple as some brown sugar and coconut oil scrubbed on once weekly. Affordable products are available at your local beauty boutique, or if you have the budget for it, seeing a professional once a month can do wonders! The key takeaway here is that its time to step it up a bit and introduce one more step to your weekly routine. The payoff will be tenfold when you’re in your white gown!

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15 days to better skin : its in the details …

photo cred : cosmopolitan

About now, you’re seeing positive changes in your skin and leaps forward in caring for it. The best way to set off your new glowing skin is to take care of the smaller details as well. One of the smaller details that happens to complement healthy skin are lips.

Day 11 : January 11

Scrub, soften and protect your lips.

Soft kissable lips and smooth clear skin pack a one-two punch in the healthy department.

Start by exfoliating the lips with a gentle lip scrub or soft toothbrush. If you don’t have a lip scrub, you can mix together some coconut oil with brown sugar. Using a gentle circular motion across the lips removes dry skin and flakes revealing smoother skin instantly. Be sure to exfoliate over the lip line as well.

Once your lips are freshly scrubbed, smooth and replenish the area with your favourite natural lip balm. Be liberal with it … and be frequent. And same thing : don’t just apply to the lip area, go over the lip line a bit to nourish and hydrate any finer lines around the mouth.

If you own a lip cream, you can apply this as well for a very intensive lip treatment.

No, kiss away …

TIP : Scrubbing your lips is way different than scrubbing your skin, face, or feet. A gentle touch is all you need. Scrub too hard and your lips may get chapped all over again.

HOMEWORK : Make a habit of having a natural lip balm nearby or in your pocket at all times. Especially in the winter months!

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15 days to better skin : behold the future …

We’re just at the very beginning of the rest of your future, so let’s begin to make the right changes that will make sure your future is flawless …

Day 9 : January 9

Assemble your anti-aging team of product superheroes.

By now, you’re in the habit of cleansing and moisturizing everyday and night, plus you know to exfoliate and mask once, if not twice, weekly. These are the key steps to ensuring healthy skin for the rest of 2017. But now, let’s make a habit of treating and preparing your skin for 2017 and beyond … to like 2027 … or 2037.

Remember your notes from Day 1.  Let’s reflect back to them. Do you see more fine lines than you care to see? Some dark spots perhaps? Or are you okay … and want to stay okay for as long as possible? Whatever you glean and conclude from your notes, keep those points at the forefront of your mind as we plan your next shopping trip.

Over the next few paychecks, I want you to make both a budget and product plan to pick-up at least 2, if not all 3, of the following items :

  • Retinol
  • Serum
  • Eye and/or lip cream

A retinol based product can assist you with fading dark spots and stimulating the growth of new skin cells; this is key because as you age, your skin doesn’t produce new cells as efficiently to help repair and keep away the signs of aging. There are plenty of retinol based products on the market, or if you have severe skin issues, you can speak with a dermatologist about something on prescription-strength level.

Serums are available to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin – you can target specific skin issues directly such as wrinkles, acne, or improving skintone and texture. A serum is more lightweight than your moisturizer, so you apply it after your cleanse, let it sit, and then you moisturizer.

An eye and/or lip cream treats the most delicate skin on your face. The area around your eyes and lips is more fragile, prone to dryness, and … quickest to show signs of aging. Eye and lip creams are both soothing to the skin and create a smoothing effect for the fine lines that appear around these areas.

Picking up these three products and adding them to your routine creates a powerhouse of protection against the future.

Happy shopping!

TIP : Your skin is YOUR skin. Research is everything. So remember to do your Google searches and read your reviews.

HOMEWORK : Shop around and don’t just buy the first eye cream you see. Remember to reflect back on your skin notes, and choose something that addresses any of your concerns.

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15 days to better skin : repetition is good …

Well, we completed one whole week and are now in the back half of our 15 days. There is still plenty to share as we turnaround your skin, and we hope you have enjoyed following along.

Day 8 : January 8

Cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate.

Remember the deep cleanse and exfoliate from Day 1? Well, you should be cleansing every night, but today you’re going to exfoliate again. You should be about due for one anyway. In addition to exfoliating, take an extra 30 minutes to enjoy the benefits of a face mask.

Exfoliating once or twice weekly is more than enough and can help to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation, which prevents dull skin and imparts a natural glow. A mask assists in repairing and hydrating the skin; or if you choose the right mask with the right ingredients, it can aid in clarifying pores, improving collagen production or firming the skin. There are plenty to choose from (or make in your kitchen at home!) and you can switch it up each week!

I repeat, this entire routine should be something you do weekly, or if possible – twice weekly. Your skin will thank you for it.

Take it easy tonight!

TIP : For face masks, you can never have too many to choose from. You can research some DIY masks from the good ole interweb; or you can pick up a selection of sheet masks (which are super fun) from a local beauty store.

HOMEWORK : Take it easy tonight – it’s Sunday after all!

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the better skin guide : 15 days to a fresh.beautiful face!

Hello 2017! And hello to you …

I bet that a new you is just around the corner, with plans to be more mindful, to be healthier, to live in abundance, and to just be your best self. And why not, right? You deserve it … you deserve to be the best version of yourself.

I may not be able to help you earn more this year, or to hit the gym 6 days a week, or ensure that you’re following your juice cleanse … but I can help you achieve your best face to put forward each and every day. So this January, to get you pumped, I’m providing the easiest to follow guide to complexion perfection. Are you with me? Perfect! On we go …

Day 1 : January 1

I want you to do a very simple thing : cleanse your face, exfoliate, and moisturize.

First, cleanse your face as you normally would, but don’t rush through it. Massage  your cleanser into your skin, and really get it clean. Following your cleanse, gently exfoliate. GENTLY. I didn’t say, rub your skin raw, or remove every single layer of skin. No no. Just gently scrub to soften and smooth the skin.

Please wait 10 minutes for adding in your serums and moisturizers.

In those ten minutes, I want you to take note of how your skin feels immediately after washing and exfoliating.  Is it dry, tight and itchy or could you use another cleanse because it still feels oily? Is your skin red and raw, or just flushed? Do you still have dry flakes or is your skin softer and smoother? After ten minutes, ask yourself the same questions and take notes again. Have your answers changed or do they the same? Tuck your notes somewhere – we’ll refer back to them later.

Once you are done with your notes, go ahead and moisturize the skin as needed.

And you’re done with Day 1. 

TIP : Don’t have an exfoliant on hand? Add a spoonful of brown sugar to your cleanser, or to some coconut oil (it solves everything!) and massage over the skin!

HOMEWORK : Be sure to cleanse and moisturize everyday, morning and night.  You won’t need to exfoliate for a few days and we will let you know when!

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the one thing they don’t tell you about exfoliating …

are we almost through March 2016? are you kidding me? this is crazy – the year is flying by and my body isn’t even summer ready yet.  but then again … when was it ever. (ba-dump-bump … and cymbal …)

anyhoo, i just wanted to kick a quick minute with you to share with you the one thing you might be doing wrong with your skincare routine, because to be honest, i see it a lot … especially with the most disciplined of skincare enthusiasts. plus, i also find that as the weather warms up, we’re often trying to heal, correct and repair the winter damage that was done, which leads us to going above and WAY beyond in our skin care routine.

so what do i have to share? it’s actually so simple …

you’re over exfoliating babe!

ok, ok – maybe you aren’t BUT if you are exfoliating every day or at three times or more a week … that’s actually TOO MUCH . you can do more damage than good for your skin and you might end up disrupting that delicate microscopic layer of your complexion that keeps everything glowing, healthy and protected.

too much exfoliating can dry out the skin, thin it out, and make it sensitive to cleansers and moisturizers. ouch! for some, the opposite can occur and you can go super oily because your complexion starts to produce oil overtime to replace what you have been excessively stripping away. excessive oiliness can then snowball into a whole new set of issues …

but i get it, i do, because nothing feels more refreshing than a fresh scrub. coming out of the winter season. exfoliating brightens up the skin making you feel spring ready. here are three quick fixes to ensure you don’t over do it …

drop your daily exfoliating wash. microbeads are soon to be a thing of the past in face washes thanks to new regulation and the protecting of our earth (yes!), but there are other cleansers out there that claim to be daily exfoliating washes. while they may not feel as scratchy or scrubby as an actual exfoliator, there still contain ingredients made to strip the skin. ditch it, and pick up something new that is gentle and made for your skin type.

aim for twice a week. wednesdays and sundays. toonie tuesdays and friyays. dedicate exfoliating to two days a week – the same two days every week – and this will ensure you’ll never have to guess when you last exfoliated and end up overdoing it because you miscalculated.

keep it simple scrub. cornstarch. brown sugar. baking soda. exfoliating the skin is as easy as heading over to your pantry. once you find a new cleanser you love, take a bit of brown sugar and mix it together. make a light creamy paste, and gently work in circular motions one the skin. rinse away and continue your routine as normal.

to be clear, exfoliating is NOT the enemy. it’s over-exfoliating that is.

if you have any questions about exfoliating or getting your skin summer ready, feel free to give the FB team a shout through our contact page!

here’s to better skin days!


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