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the cleanse: beautiful skincare with jen newell. nd


i’ve been vocal before about how everything affects your skin, most importantly, what you eat. there are superfoods that can do wonders to help reduce redness, improve acne, and provide relief from dry skin. and since everything has an opposite, there are also plenty of foods that can make your skin dull, dark, and blotchy.

but when trying to figure out a plan to get your diet and skin in harmony, where does a gal (or guy) start? well, that’s easy – with a cleanse!

i’ve gathered a bunch of ladies from the Toronto area – a young professional, a freelance artist, a bride to be, and a mom of a growing one year old – to work with our resident naturopath of choice, Jen Newell ND, and partake in her Blushing Bridal Cleanse (but of course, this cleanse can help anyone). the 3-week program will help to improve skin, reduce the bloat, help to shed weight, and most importantly to get them feeling their absolute best.

each participant has been asked to journal their entries weekly on their blog. check it out:

Toronto Beauty Reviews

The Glitter Geek


for more information, or if you are in the Toronto area and would like to do your own cleanse with Jen Newell, ND and fresh.beautiful: the skin studio, just give us a shout: 416.727.1754.


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