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bioderma sensible H2O : everyone wants to be french, non?

on any given day in the beauty and/or style section of a Chapters or Indigo, one can find plenty of books and resources about how to be stylish or beautiful like the french. or a parisian. or even someone from Quebec City. 

i will not lie, i like quite a few things that are very parisian or french – most of which are pastries and delectable bites … but those stories belong on another blog such as a foodie blog or “how i doubled in size that one time i looked at a pastry shop” kind of blog. but i digress.

when it comes to beauty and skincare, I do adore micellaire cleansing solutions.  There are plenty on the market these days, but I have a favourite … namely Bioderma Sensibio H2O. for those of you not in the know, Bioderma Sensibio is a cleansing makeup remover water that is fragrance free, paraben free, and alcohol free. made specifically for fragile or sensitive skin, it removes makeup with ease and soothes irritated skin. it’s the perfect way to refresh the complexion at the end of the day.

the other reason Bioderma is so popular is it’s user-friendly application. while it removes even the most water-resistant of makeup, there is no need to rinse after use. you simply apply Bioderma to a cotton pad and wipe away the day’s dirt. discard used cotton pad. moisturize skin. say goodnight.

it’s that easy. really!

Bioderma is the perfect solution for anyone, and certainly any of my clientele, who seem to say “I’m too tired to wash my face tonight” at least three to four times a week. it is also the perfect companion for those whom require a more gentle routine.

available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques across Canada, you can now embrace a little bit of your inner french beauty!




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beauty OFF duty: denise wild, the sewing studio


“My beauty routine at the end of the day is one of my favourite rituals, and it has been since I was a kid. (I remember at 13 arguing with my dad that I really did need 30 minutes in the bathroom before bed!!) Unfortunately, I’m very fickle with skincare products, and I’ve never been able to commit to one brand or even one star product. I’m constantly being seduced by new products, new packaging, new claims, new ads, and no matter how good my skin is, I’m always convinced that a DIFFERENT product will make it even better! There are a few things I can credit my good skin to right now: Carlson Cod Liver Oil (I take four of the super pills each day), regular facials and microdermabrasion (I see Stephanie at and Mariannthy at, and my Olay Pro-X Cleansing Brush. Other than that, my bathroom counter is a revolving door of products. In the rotation right now are: GoClear Clarifying Cleanser AM/PM, GoClear Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 15, Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Cleanser, Rhonda Allison Skin Refine Gel, Swanson Retinol Cream, Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler, Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal3 Deep Wrinkle Expert Care, Darphin Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream, and La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream. My next purchase wish list includes a Clarisonic, Josie Maran Argan Oil, and something from the Nuance Salma Hayek line, likely the AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream.”

- straight from Denise’s mouth …

To learn more about Denise’s Beauty ON Duty, click here

Former magazine editor Denise Wild, a sewing star since the age of 13, started teaching sewing classes in her Toronto apartment in 2004 while she was working at FLARE, Canada’s top fashion publication. Those classes evolved into The Sewing Studio, now North America’s leading sewing school with locations in Toronto and New York City. In January of 2010, Denise merged her love of sewing with her passion for magazines by creating, the top online sewing destination and the only sewing portal to focus on fashion and style. Denise has worked as an editor for top national publications including FLARE, House & Home, Faze, and ANOKHI, and has written for Hello!, Elle, HGTV, W Network, Glow, Elevate, Chatelaine, and Slice. Denise has regular television appearances that include The Shopping Channel, Steven and Chris, Inside the Box with Ty Pennington, Breakfast Television, CityLine, Daytime, NBC Mobile News, and Fairchild Television. For more information on Denise, visit

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beauty OFF Duty: jennifer dela cruz, wedding planner


“Growing up my mom has always taught me that cleaning and moisturizing the face on a daily basis is imperative to healthy and beautiful skin.  She is seventy now and she looks like she is still in her forties.  I guess she was right and I do hope I have her genes.  After highschool I went on a mission and experimented with a lot of brands
and the one that I’ve come to love and still use today is Estee Lauder.  When I was younger and before I started my daily cleaning regiment, my skin – prior to using any product – was terrible.  It was oily, full of blackheads, and I had very large pores.  Having some kind of cleaning regiment has helped it tremendously although lately, since having children, my routine has been all over the place to say the least.

Before cleaning my face, I use babywipes to wipe off my makeup.  Part of it is just my laziness but I do find it is so much more efficient to clean with it before using soap.  For my facial soap, I just use regular Clean and Clear facial wash.  The rest of my products are Estee Lauder. With a clean face I follow it with Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Lotion, then I use Advanced Night Repair Cream for my eyes.  My favourite product which is also one of my necessities-can’t-live-without is Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher since it has worked wonders on my skin.  Lastly, I apply DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Crème with SPF 15 as a moisturizing cream.

Also, when I remember, I try to exfoliate and alternate with a mud mask on a weekly basis, although lately it’s been monthly, if that.  I recently discovered Arbonne and have used their Sea Mud Face & Body Mask.  For exfoliation, I use Idealist Dual-Action Refinishing Treatment by Estee Lauder.”

- straight from Jennifer’s mouth …

To learn more about Jennifer’s Beauty ON Duty, check it out here.

Jennifer dela Cruz is the owner and principal event planner of J. dela Cruz Weddings & Events. She is a certified wedding planner providing services in the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding areas. She received her certification from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada in 2010 and has planned and coordinated many weddings, themed-showers, and baptisms over the years.

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skin save{io}rs …


well. its on its way folks. the colder breezes. the snow. the really REALLY dry indoor heating.

your skin might be feeling a bit drier, flakier and more sensitive – which is perfectly normal so don’t panic. i repeat, no need to panic. but that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it either. there are plenty of great new products out there to help hydrate your skin and help defend against cold weather punishers!

korres wild rose and vitamin c advanced brightening sleeping facial: the easiest thing to do is switch to a slightly creamier heavier night cream during the colder months. while its main focus is to correct and repair the skin overnight, i’m favouring this delightfully smelling korres cream which i find is rich enough to soften and smooth but not too thick that i feel oily or greasy or need to worry about clogging up the pores.

consonant body hydraextreme: while pricey, this is a wonder treatment, where the price drops to just pennies per use. a little goes a long way … a drop or two added to any face cream or lotion infuses the skin plenty of moisture to last throughout the day. I’m also partial to using it over chapped lips and cuticles. i’ve been using a drop in the morning and night with my face cream, and then placing a couple of strategically placed drops on the lips and around the eyes.

maskeraide weather warrior sheet mask: its the holidays, so you deserve some pampering too! maskeraide sheet masks are not only extremely affordable, but they are nourishing and relaxing too!  key ingredients like aloe, argan oil and green tea work to calm and soothe the skin from cold-induced rashes and windburn.

these are just a few of the great new products available in stores now. start implementing your winter skincare routine now and you’ll be sure to look fabulous by the time the holidays arrive! And don’t forget: you still need your SPF!


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honourable mentions: fiona man

super big thank you to fiona man for coming in to see me for a special skin therapy treatment back in february. after her session, she decided to try out our absolute favourite skincare brand: consonant body! check out her video on unboxing her first consonant body delivery and her little shout out to us!

fiona is super sweet and her videos are awesome. check out her product war series which we love.

can't wait to see and work with you again fiona!

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illuminated skin: a little bit of help


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