i heart south korea


so … i'm back from South Korea … and I fell in love.

and apparently, I am not the only one.  check out the may 2011 issue of Marie Claire magazine and read all about their love affair with South Korea and their obsession with skincare. according to the mag, Koreans are ahead of the game when it comes to skincare formulations and anti-aging routines. the article mentions everything from high-end lotions and potions to BB creams.  they are dedicated to achieving perfect skin and flawless looking makeup which was made clear to me when i realized i could walk through any part of the city and find at least five stores in a row dedicated to skin and beauty. needless to say … it was my wonderland.

there is so much i hope to share with you about my trip, what i learned, what i found, and what [new products] i am using. 

stay tuned!

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One Response to i heart south korea

  1. Meredith says:

    Can’t wait to read! I absolutely adore SK!