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a very common question that all my first-time client's ask me before we start their treatment is "how long do I have to hide for?". it seems as if they each have a friend of a friend who had a treatment at some spa and when she left she was beet red and sensitive for days on end. how sucky.

the good news is that no two treatments are the same.

yes, fresh.beautiful's very own preserve+nurture treatment does add a bit of rosiness to the cheeks  … and forehead … and maybe the chin too.  however, the redness from our treatment is temporary, very temporary. as in the redness subsides within a few hours.

other than those that may experience an allergic reaction or that are extremely EXTREMELY sensitive, the redness experienced from the preserve+nurture treatment stems from an increase in blood flow to the surface of the skin. this is mainly because of the stimulation caused by the crystal microdermabrasion treatment. it looks more like the client just completed a great hot yoga class or a brisk run through a park rather than spending a day being picked and prodded at.

there are no marks from extractions. there is not a trace of shiny skin from a burning chemical peel. there is no sensitivity to touch.

now i really should add to this a disclaimer stating that no two faces are the same and that there are some that may experience more than "just a little redness". it happens, right? but for the most part, many of my clientele are fine to leave the studio without an ounce of makeup or camoufluage or some sort of disguise and are able to go about their routines the following day without hesitation.

it's kind of like the 007 of facial treatments … smooth, sexy, and stealth.

if you have any further questions about treatments at fresh.beautiful: the skin studio – please do not hesitate to ask!

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  1. I think the effects of chemical peel varies depending on the skin of the patient. Any discomfort felt is temporary, and can’t harm or burn the skin openly. Still, it’s very important to discuss the procedure thoroughly with your skin doctor.