pore little you … and every other beautiful face in the world.


wow. you all really hate your pores.

for every six clients i see in one day, five say their biggest skin issue is their pores. that adds up to a lot of pesky unwanted pores. in addition, the offending pores all seem to love being in the same spot of each extremely different face – the nose!

chalk it up to genetics, or infrequent facials, or bad skincare … i really don't think it matters … pores never go away. no matter how well you clean, how often you get a facial, how many times you use a Biore nose strip … a pore is a pore is a pore and there isn't anything that any of us can do about it.

but you can make it less of a problem or less noticeable.

a proper cleansing routine can help minimize the amount of dirt and oil that sits and accumulates in a pore. the less gunk in there the less likely your pores will become enlarged or produce an unsightly blackhead.

exfoliating regularly is also a great way to keep unsightly pores to a minimum. removing dead skin regularly from the surface means less dirt and oil can get trapped in a pore.

last but not least: invest in a great primer. while primers are great for mattifying the skin and allowing makeup to last forever, they can also help to smooth out fine lines AND pores. there are plenty of primers to choose from out there from drugstore to department store.

point of this post: make peace with your pores and not war … it's so much easier.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Can you recommend good chemical and mechanical exfoliants?