the better skin guide : 15 days to a fresh.beautiful face!

Hello 2017! And hello to you …

I bet that a new you is just around the corner, with plans to be more mindful, to be healthier, to live in abundance, and to just be your best self. And why not, right? You deserve it … you deserve to be the best version of yourself.

I may not be able to help you earn more this year, or to hit the gym 6 days a week, or ensure that you’re following your juice cleanse … but I can help you achieve your best face to put forward each and every day. So this January, to get you pumped, I’m providing the easiest to follow guide to complexion perfection. Are you with me? Perfect! On we go …

Day 1 : January 1

I want you to do a very simple thing : cleanse your face, exfoliate, and moisturize.

First, cleanse your face as you normally would, but don’t rush through it. Massage  your cleanser into your skin, and really get it clean. Following your cleanse, gently exfoliate. GENTLY. I didn’t say, rub your skin raw, or remove every single layer of skin. No no. Just gently scrub to soften and smooth the skin.

Please wait 10 minutes for adding in your serums and moisturizers.

In those ten minutes, I want you to take note of how your skin feels immediately after washing and exfoliating.  Is it dry, tight and itchy or could you use another cleanse because it still feels oily? Is your skin red and raw, or just flushed? Do you still have dry flakes or is your skin softer and smoother? After ten minutes, ask yourself the same questions and take notes again. Have your answers changed or do they the same? Tuck your notes somewhere – we’ll refer back to them later.

Once you are done with your notes, go ahead and moisturize the skin as needed.

And you’re done with Day 1. 

TIP : Don’t have an exfoliant on hand? Add a spoonful of brown sugar to your cleanser, or to some coconut oil (it solves everything!) and massage over the skin!

HOMEWORK : Be sure to cleanse and moisturize everyday, morning and night.  You won’t need to exfoliate for a few days and we will let you know when!

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