The Number One Skin Resolution for 2019!

You’ve tried it all in 2018 (and the many years past, I’m sure) : exfoliating more, adding a serum, and investing in revolutionary skincare tools (Jade Rollers and Microneedling anyone??!?!). And they have all worked for you – some better than others – yet, you still haven’t achieved that amazingly unfiltered “filtered looking” skin you so helplessly lust after.

Skin ain’t easy, baby. But 2019 can be different. It really, truly can if you just embrace this one resolution today :


Don’t worry – I’m TOTALLY guilty of obsessing over my skin too. I’ve spent years coming up with extensive routines, switching out and throwing away money on entire makeup wardrobes, and trying the most absurd DIY concoctions. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED on the amount of picking at blemishes I have done.

And yes, my skin has benefited from a few tweaks here and there … but it also suffered when I became to hyper focused on a pimple, or overly concerned with a temporary cluster of congestion. In the end, I was so obsessed with getting the perfect complexion that I was stressing myself out; and what does stress lead to??


Rebellious skin : zits from increased hormonal activity, redness and blotchiness from anxiety, fine lines from over analyzing the growth rate of the smallest blemish ever.

So this year, resolve to better your skin by paying less attention to it:

Pick a morning routine and stick with it.
Pick and evening routine and stick with it.
Pick a skin treat (sheet masks, facials, cosmetic enhancement) and schedule occasional indulgences in it.

Allow your skin to “miss you” a little, and feel the love whenever you circle back to it!

Have a great 2019 everyone!

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